Saturday, January 16, 2010

Applebee’s and work food

I’ve started to realize I should be taking pictures of the food I eat in restaurants. I wish you could have seen the plate of meatless nachos I got at Chevy’s (yuck) or the spinach dip at Applebee’s that looked so beautiful but gave me stomach cramps. It didn’t help that halfway through my meal one of my dinner companions informed me they put mayonnaise into the dip. GROSS.

The thing is, I remember the spinach and artichoke dip to be so lovely. Clearly it makes a difference when the dip is my entire meal.

The dip is served in a hot bowl, with a generous amount of tortilla chips to dip. They include a small cup of salsa, too, to break up the flavor. I appreciated that. However: the chips were deep fried and some still dripped with oil. I KNOW. Disgusting. The dip was more creamy (mayo-y) than cheesy or spinachy-artichoky, and therefore had very little flavor. The ONLY other vegetarian option on the menu, besides the veggie burger, was a queso-blanco dip (of course full of cheese) and I suspect they put bacon in that anyway. I was going to get that just to try something new, but they had run out by 10:15pm, so no dice.

Gross gross gross.

That was on Thursday. On Friday I was back at work. They had salmon and I was tempted, as I haven’t decided whether to allow myself a pescatarian diet or just stick to a plain vegetarian one. I passed this time. So I piled my plate with some rice that had peas and carrots in it, some beets and some cauliflower. It was after I started eating that I could really taste how much butter they put in the rice. I almost puked and ended up eating some creamy tomato soup with some rice in it to mask the butter, and some caesar salad (wilted and soggy). I will have to bring my own food to work from now on.

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