Thursday, January 14, 2010


I went to Chevy's yesterday for a friends bday. Honestly....there are no options for vegetarians. My friend Steph is a veg too, and we have a plat of nachos sans the meat. It has some kidney beans, a tiny amount of guac and sour cream, some lettuce and pico de gallo. I'm going to Applebee's tonight, and I called them to see what their veg options were. "Um...we have a veggie burger?" That was it. They said they could make any dish and omit the meat. On their menu, a lot of their dishes contain a warning that says "may contain bacon." It's like they put bacon in everything. I don't know why I'm so surprised....I've always hated large unholy chains. They're so unoriginal.

I guess the East cast is so into meat that there aren't as many veg restaurant options as there are out West. It's pretty sad. I almost feel guilty that I was so unaware of this until I became a vegetarian. There are a lot of Hindu people in this area, and I know there are a lot (thank God) of Indian restaurants in the area that serve veg options because of it. But, if a group of friends go out to one of the pervasive chains, or if one has to go on an obligatory work dinner or a bday party, options are very limited. Oftentimes, restaurants like this have ONE vegetarian option at the MOST. I am sure that upon request, meat can be omitted from some dishes like at Applebee's, but the dish is not meant to be served that way and is subsequently inferior.

It's lucky I can cook and also that I love Indian food.

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  1. Yeah to you for becoming vegetarian and Indian food is fabulous! Yes, sometimes it’s hard to locate vegetarian friendly dishes when dining out, but I’ve always found that keeping a positive outlook and asking nicely gets me a meal I can eat… not always a good meal, but sometimes it more important to be with friends. There are also times when the chef surprises everybody and friends chomping on their dry steaks are left drooling over my lusciously cheesy pesto polenta topped with sautéed greens! Good luck out there!