Monday, January 11, 2010

Maeda-En Green Tea Ice Cream

I searched high and low in NJ for Soy ice cream and green tea ice cream. For my future reference, Foodtown, Pathmark and Shoprite do not have soy ice cream (??) but Whole Foods does. Also, NONE of these stores have green tea ice cream, but the local Chinese food market does. I am seriously grateful to be in an area with so many ethnic food stores. I just wish some sort of African food store would open now. I really wanna try Harissa.

So I ventured into the Chinese store for the 2nd time in my life, bracing myself for the stares, but since it was midday, it was ok. I mean I can pull off Indian (I'm Sri Lankan) but not Chinese. I just look like a tourist or something.

I bought what they had, which was:

It was nice.

It had that distinctive tea leaf taste, stronger than in the ice cream I've had at Hibachi restaurants, and the creaminess reminded me of some homemade avocado ice cream I once had in Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

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