Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mango Banana smoothies and hard times

Today was really tough. Actually, last night and today. It's at night for some reason that I start thinking about how much I want meat. I didn't sleep very well. I almost gave up today (like yesterday) but I hung in there. BF and I moved some stuff into a friend's place to be stored, and they wanted pizza. I was about to get a spinach calzone or something, when I decided to get come veggie fried rice from Hunan Wok, my fave fave Chinese food place. I am a Chinese take-out expert, and no one makes it like they do. True, they've been shut down *ahem* THREE times for health code violations, and I HAVE found a band aid in my food once...just once...there, but hell...I'm still alive and their food is the shiznit.

So that's what I had for lunch. Chinese veggie fried rice with a ton of hot sauce (gotta have the hot sauce).

I think that if I satisfy my meat cravings with some other thing that I crave sometimes, like pizza or whatever, maybe my "crave" instinct will turn off. I have head of new vegetarians compensating with eating a lot of sweets, which of course is bad. I am consciously trying not to do that. In fact, I have noticed some cravings for sweets, but have ignored them specifically because I am sure they are related to my body trying to compensate. Today, I chose to avoid cheesy Italian food and went with the (oily, sigh) Chinese food. Avoiding to much dairy seems to be smarter as I'm not used to large volumes of it. I am more used to Chinese Food.

For an afternoon snack I had a mango banana smoothie. Just one mango, one banana, and some ice. That's it. It turned out well. My mango was overripe, so it was a good use for it.

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